Monday, 20 June 2011

Kidney Belts-Motorcycle Kidney Belts

A quality kidney belt is an essential part of the off-road rider's wardrobe. Most kidney belts, however, are nothing more than constrictive elastic devices that support your stomach and lower back at the expense of squashing your insides.

Now there is a kidney belt that supports your vital parts without wrenching your gut. The Kevco/Stubbs Racing belt is manufactured from heavy-duty elastic and nylon webbing, with a perspiration-absorbing tricot liner. Main materials are used TPR, air mesh, elastic mesh, hook and loop.

Rabex International offer complete range of motorcycle leather clothing and protective gears. Check our vast range of Kidney Belts, protective kidney belts, motorcycle kidney belts specially design for bikers who demands quality and protection. Kidney Belts made with Nylon Cloth and elastic neoprene for comfort and protection panel adds support and increases protection. Velcro Locking offer flexibility. Get variety of motorbike protective gears at affordable price.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wind Jackets-Cycling Wind Jackets

If you need the versatility of lightweight layering, our cycling wind jacket is the solution. Windproof and water resistant cycle jacket offer maximum protection. Windbreaker jackets with mesh lining to improve breathe ability. Rabex International striving hard to bring best collection of cycling wears. Fusing advance ideas in design & protection with highest quality material and construction we string hard to offer the best range of Cycling Wears and accessories.
Wind Jackets

Friday, 8 April 2011

Motorbike Gloves-Motorbike Riding Gloves-Rabex International

We are leading Manufacturer & Suppliers and of Gloves, Leather gloves, Motorcycle leather gloves based in Sialkot- Pakistan. Every pair of glove manufactured by us meticulously designs to offer you the safety, durability, secure grip and comfort control. We strive to completely understand the exact requirements of our valued clients, meeting and exceeding their expectations. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality motorcycle related products that are on the market today.

Motorbike Gloves by Rabex International:
Our Motorbike Gloves is a true symbol of innovation, quality and style. Choose a pair of Gloves for your riding style and rest assured that you will never disappointed and get the good value of money.

  1. Motorbike Summer Gloves
    Motorbike Summer Gloves an ideal solution your summer riding. Rabex International manufacture top high quality summer gloves, summer motorcycle gloves, leather gloves, summer riding gloves for passionate bike riders. Enjoy your bike riding in summer season and get rid the sweaty hand problem with our incredible collection of motorbike summer gloves. Summer gloves made of
    Cow-Hide Analine Leather, Air Ventilation System and Inside Polyester Cloth Lining with variety of size, color and design.

  2.  Motorbike Racing Gloves

    Motorbike racing gloves, racing gloves, leather racing gloves, leather gloves, mountain bike gloves, motorbike gloves along with wide array of Motorbike Leather & Textile Apparel and Gloves. Brows our new and developed range of motorbike leather racing gloves made with top quality leather specially designed for professional bike racers. Extra protection, real grip and astonishing control makes these gloves perfect for all riding situationss.

  3. Motorbike Winter Gloves
    Keep your hands warms and protected in clod weather with our Motorbike winter gloves. We offer the wide selection of winter gloves, winter leather gloves, motorcycle winter gloves and cold weather gloves. Motorbike Winter Gloves made with Cow-hide Finish Leather, nylon cloth, water proof with inside Polyester cloth lining. Customization of color, design, logo and material is also available.

  4.   Motocross Gloves
    Looking for the best pair of off road motorbike glove? Find incredible range of Motocross gloves, off road gloves, MX gloves and motocross riding gloves and ATV gloves and racing gloves particularly design for dirt bike racing. Give value to your protection with our top quality motocross leather riding gloves and make you’re motorbike racing experience more comfortable with these ergonomically designed gloves.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Leather Suits-Motorbike Leather Racing Suits-Rabex

We are second generation family business over years to years. We take special pride in the variety of Products we manufacture. Our attitude of genuine concern and courtesy to our customers reflects this great pride. We provide impressive collection of motorbike leather clothing for professional motorcycle racers. Enjoy your riding and stay protected with our leather racing suits.
Leather Suits
  1. Motorbike Leather Racing Suits made with1.2 - 1.3 mm top full grain Cow-hide Leather for excellent abrasion resistant. Multiple stitched main seams constructions.
  2. Advanced Pre-curved Elbows / Knees.
  3. Collar bone and Chest padded protection. Padded shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.
  4. Stretch fabric in arms / crotch (upgradeable to Keprotec Dynamic Kevlar) optional.
  5. Big Speed Hump optional. Soft touch, vented polyester mesh non-allergic lining.
  6. CE body armors at elbows, shoulders & knees.
  7. Rubber foam at back side.
  8. Knee sliders optional.
  9. Top quality Plastic Zips.
The first aim of Rabex International is to achieve a tight grip on Quality Maintenance, that's why we have long time relations with our valued customers. And our company wants to keep this policy forever.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Manufacturer & Exporter of Motorbike, Cycling & Fashion Wears

Rabex International takes pride in introducing ourselves as the distinguished manufacturers and exporters of Leather Gloves, Motorbike, Cycling and Leather Fashion Wears around the world. We dedicated to bring varied collection of Gloves, Motorbike Wears, Cycling Wears and Fashion wears.

We provide you with the top quality motorbike wears ranging from leather suits, leather jackets, textile jackets, motorbike leather shoes etc. Variety of cycling wears such as wind jackets, long and short sleeves cycling jerseys, bib pants and shorts available at affordable price. Evolve your personality and gives yourself a stunning look that set you apart, with our Leather Fashion Wears ranging from men jackets, women jackets, fashion leather pants, skirts, vests and more.

We have developed a sound infrastructure to support our aim of serving the global market with more confidence. Our strength lies in the production of high quality, well-engineered and well-designed motorbike, cycling and fashion wears along with widest range of leather gloves. We put immense emphasis on quality. All our products are durable and manufactured according to global market standards. We can also manufacture & Supplies all of our products according to customer details specification.